About The Fit Fridge

So, just what is a “fit fridge?”

It’s one that’s “in shape” and all ready to help you fuel and refuel well so you’ll stay at the top of your game!  It’s packed with fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, low-fat dairy and calcium-rich foods, great-tasting spices and herbs and even some healthy treats.

The Fit Fridge website and blog are for anyone who wants to stock a fit fridge or who is wondering where to find inexpensive, reliable and fun resources for learning about nutrition for sports, fitness and good health.  It’s for educators looking for games that reinforce nutrition lessons and integrate nutrition across the curriculum and throughout the day.  It’s for coaches and trainers teaching their athletes basic nutrition principles to keep them playing their best.  And, most of all, it’s for students and their families looking for fun tips and recipes to help them learn a lifetime of good nutrition habits that keep them eating right throughout their school years and beyond!

All about the author

My name is Kim Spaccarotella.   I’m a university faculty member, ACSM certified personal trainer and sports coach.   I hold a doctorate in Nutritional Sciences from Penn State, a master’s degree in Exercise Science from Kean University and a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Ramapo College.  My research interests include the effects of diet on sports training and chronic disease prevention and the development of education materials that promote nutrition, physical activity and wellness across the health and science curriculum.   My students and clients range from preschoolers to college students to active older adults.  I love teaching  and finding new ways to keep health, science, fitness and nutrition lessons exciting for my them, and I hope my blog can share my journey to do this.  When not in the classroom or lab,  I enjoy playing tennis and soccer, creating new recipes and spending time with friends and family.

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by.



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