Festive Fruit Snacks

We all love fruit and veggie trays as quick and healthy options during the holidays, so here’s a fun way to turn an otherwise boring presentation into an eye-catching arrangement.  Cut a large marshmallow into sixths, and thread a marshmallow bit followed by a raspberry and a green grape onto a small skewer so that the raspberry forms a Santa cap with a marshmallow “pom pom”; the grape is Santa’s face.  Or, thread a golden raisin onto a skewer for a “star” followed by alternating red and green grapes for a festive “tree.” Serve with a snowy vanilla yogurt dip for a treat that even the most grinchy of guests will enjoy.

Merry Elf and Festive Christmas Tree Fruit Snacks

Happy, Healthy Holidays!

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1 Response to Festive Fruit Snacks

  1. Frank A Spaccarotella says:

    No fork or plate needed, either!

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