Gobbling-Good Turkey Cookies

Turkey Cookies

Turkey Cookies

Cookie creations made to look like turkeys are popular and fun at Thanksgiving, but after searching, I could not find any recipes that didn’t use pre-packaged cookies containing common food allergens. I decided to create my own.  Best of all, 1 cookie contained about 100 calories, making this treat even sweeter!


1 allergen-friendly sugar cookie mix, prepared according to package directions (I used Cherrybrook Kitchens)

1/3 cup allergen-friendly vanilla icing

Candy corn (I used Starburst)

Orange-colored sugar or sprinkles

Candy eyes


Spread a small amount of icing onto each cookie top, and sprinkle with colored sugar. Arrange candy corn pieces along the top edge of cookie, pointed side in, as feathers. Add additional frosting as needed to help them stick. Add eyes beneath the feathers. Cut a piece of yellow or orange candy corn into thirds, and shape one piece into a beak. Place beak below eyes.

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