Good Grilling

Grilling has gotten a bit of a bad rap recently following reports that it may produce carcinogens that increase cancer risk.  There’s good news, however.  A few simple steps can keep everyone safe.

Marinate meat. Herbs, spices, oil and vinegar contain antioxidants that may protect against cancer and also coat the meat to prevent carcinogen formation.

Clean the grill after using it to remove carcinogens.

Grill lean meat (or fruits and veggies) to avoid generating smoke that can build when fat drips onto the heat.

Flip frequently, as often as every 30 seconds.  This keeps the burger from charring (those blackened spots may contain carcinogens) and also ensures harmful bacteria like E. coli are killed.

Cook with care so that the meat just reaches its goal temperature (see below).  Slice larger portions to speed the cooking time.

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