Dairy Delicious

June is National Dairy Month, and in celebration, here are some deliciously cheesy snacks, each under 100 calories.  Along with its great flavor, cheese gives important nutrients, like calcium and protein.  To keep the fat and calories in check, look for lower fat varieties, or use full-fat cheese sparingly (for example, by sprinkling it on the top of a dish as a finishing touch).

Thinking of going local?  Many larger farm markets sell cheese and other dairy products.  Or, try searching Local Harvest, a web-based marketplace that connects food lovers with farmers around the U.S.  Click on the Shop tab, select Dairy and Cheese, and search by zip code for the closest farms.  Many also ship nationwide.

Cheese, Please!

Snacks under 100 calories help celebrate National Dairy Month.

1 piece low fat string cheese

1/3 C low fat cottage cheese with ¼ C canned fruit bits in juice

½ oz Gruyère cheese with 1 red apple wedge

1T reduced fat cream cheese with fresh herbs and 2 carrot or celery sticks  


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