The After-Dinner Walk

Keep moving and burn calories with fun after-dinner activities on Turkey Day.


Grab a coat (optional, depending on where you live) and some friends and family.  Head to the park or around the block for a walk. Here are some ideas to try as you go.

Fall Colors Walk – Give each person an autumn leaf (real or fabric) or a colorful feather (available online and at craft stores) and have them try to locate at least one thing on the walk that matches one of the colors on their leaf or feather.  Strips of paper or crayons will also work.

First Letter Walk – Ask each person to find five things on the walk that begin with the same letter as their name or the town they live in.

Gratitude Walk– During your walk, have everyone think of things for which to be thankful.  Take turns:  the first person on line says one thing; then, the next person says something, and so on across the group or down the line.  See how long you can keep the list going.  You may be surprised at how many reasons you find to give thanks.

Play Some Games

Instead of an after dinner nap, try joining your family for a fun game.

Scavenger Hunt – Before your guests arrive, hide small Thanksgiving or autumn-themed items throughout the house or in the yard.  After dinner, hold a Thanksgiving treasure hunt during which kids (and kids at heart) find the items. Be sure there’s an adult supervising.  Have a small prize for the person who finds the most items.

Football Toss – Before watching the big game, organize a football toss of your own.  Divide your group into two teams, and have the first person on each team run or walk to a cone, bucket or other marker a 20-30 feet away, turn, toss the football to the next person on line and return to the end of the line.  Play as a relay; the first team to pass the ball to all members wins.  For an added challenge, try running backwards with the football before tossing it.  For an indoor variation, try a ring toss-type game in which players take turns tossing beanbags or crumpled newspaper pieces into a bucket with a turkey on it.  The first team to “stuff their turkey” (fill their bucket) wins.

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