Healthy Harvest Classroom Decor

Keep students thinking about health throughout the autumn by making (or having them make) “Healthy Harvest Creatures” to display.  Here are some ideas.  See photos and more ideas at the FitFridge Pinterest site.

Dress up a scarecrow (or make one out of paper), and add the message, “Stand head and shoulders above the rest.  Exercise 60 minutes each day to be at your best!”

Hang spiders with the message, “Hang strong!  Include some lean protein at each meal.”  Trace two circles with the edges just touching onto purple cardstock.  Cut out the spider’s body, being careful not to cut the circles completely apart.  Cut a chenille stem into 8 pieces.  Tape these to the inside edge of one of the circles, and bend them to the outside to make legs.  Tape a piece of string for a hanging loop to the inside of the circle with the legs taped on.  Fold the two circles together to sandwich the legs in the middle, and glue closed.  Add a spider’s face to the front.  Have students brainstorm examples to write on their spiders (e.g. lean meat, nuts, seeds, etc.).

Have students trace their hands on black paper to make “bat wings,” and cut out the hand prints.  Glue the palms together, and add a face in the center. (Cut a bat face out of paper and glue on wiggle eyes, a bit of yarn for a mouth and small triangles for ears.)  Tape a piece of yarn to the bottom of the back of the bat bat so that the string hangs down.  Tape a piece of paper to the other end of the string, and write, “Go batty for whole grains” on it.

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