Pumpkin Snack Cups

Here’s a quick and easy snack activity that’s sure to please kids of all ages this autumn.  Best of all, parents and teachers will appreciate that’s in low in fat and added sugar!

Wrapped in orange tissue, an applesauce snack cup is transformed into a fall pumpkin. To make an apple, use red paper instead of orange.

Using fabric instead of tissue paper and silk flowers creates an elegant and fun look for this pumpkin!

Supplies (Makes 1):

1 snack- sized cup of unsweetened applesauce

1 green plastic spoon

1 piece  of red or orange tissue paper, large enough to wrap applesauce container

12 inches of raffia

Foam or fabric sunflower embellishment

Craft glue


Place spoon behind the applesauce container with the handle pointing up.  Wrap container and spoon with paper, gathering the paper around the spoon to make a stem.  The applesauce container is the pumpkin (orange tissue paper) or apple (red tissue paper).  Wrap raffia around the spoon handle and the end of the gathered paper, and tie a bow to hold the paper and spoon together.  Glue the sunflower in the middle of the bow.

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