Easy, Healthy Party Favors

Summer’s just around the corner, and with it comes so many fun occasions to celebrate with food and, of course, party favors.  Looking for healthy alternatives to the usual goody bags of candy and junk food?  Here are two ideas that are both fun to make and receive.

Pinwheels in Bloom

Create a colorful garden of healthy treats with these pretty party favors.

Pinwheels in Bloom

Supplies (Makes 1):

Colorful Plates Pinwheel directions

Double-sided scrapbook paper (not cardstock)

Pencil with eraser

Straight pin

Ruler, pencil and scissors

Mini flower pot or pail

Florist’s foam

Foam tape or glue gun

Craft glue or glue dots

Brown craft paper

Spanish moss

Small pebbles or shells

1-2 tea bags

1-2 wrapped dark chocolate Hershey’s Kisses, optional

Sheer green ribbon

Ribbon to coordinate with paper

Mini self-adhesive gems or embellishments of choice

Follow the Colorful Plate Pinwheel directions, and make a pinwheel from scrapbook paper.  Cut a small piece of florist’s foam to fit the inside of the flower pot, and secure to the bottom inside of the pot with foam tape or a glue gun.  Stick bottom of pencil pinwheel into florist’s foam so that it stands upright in the pot.  Crumple craft paper, and place around the pinwheel to hold it in place.  Cover craft paper and top of pot with Spanish moss.  Add shells, tea bags and optional dark chocolate, tucking each piece into the moss and securing with glue dots as needed.  Tie a small piece of green ribbon to the middle of the pencil for flower leaves.  Personalize label as desired, and glue onto center of flower leaves.  Tie coordinating ribbon around the center of the pot, and embellish as desired.

Veggie Chip Loot Box

Ahoy! Jewel-toned, baked veggie chips make a quick and healthy “loot” for little pirates to collect in these treasure boxes.

Pirate’s Loot Treat Holder

Supplies (Makes 1)

8 oz plastic deli container with lid

1 sheet black and gold scrapbook paper (not cardstock), single or double-sided

Red and black 1½ inch wide ribbon, about 15 inches

Red tinsel ribbon (about ½ inch wide)

Red and gold sequins

Plastic gems or pearls

Coordinating alphabet stickers

Craft glue

Glue dots



Fold and close sandwich bag and twist tie

Low fat, low sodium baked veggie chips

Trace outside edge of lid onto scrapbook paper, and cut out the circle.  Glue circle onto the top of lid, pushing edges down into the lid so that the paper covers the front and sides of lid’s top.  Glue tinsel ribbon around the top outer edge of the lid above the paper.  Use alphabet stickers to spell the child’s name across the top of the lid, and embellish with sequins and gems.

Tear additional paper into small squares, and glue along the sides of the container to cover the plastic.  Glue the red and black ribbon around the center of the container, and embellish with sequins.  Place bag inside container.  Fill about half full with veggie chips, and tie closed with twist tie.  Place lid on container, and enjoy.

Pirates not your thing?  No problem!  Simply change the papers and embellishments to suit the occasion.  For example, for a princess party, choose pastel papers, ribbons and trim and silk flowers or self-adhesive pearls.  Fill the containers with food representing favorite “princess stories” (e.g. dried apples, dried peas or roasted pumpkin seeds) instead of veggie chips.

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