“Eat a Rainbow” Pinwheel

Need a fun, end-of-the-school year project that’s perfect for a nutrition lesson?  How about a pinwheel?  They’re popular, super fast to make and a great way to remind everyone to eat a rainbow of foods each day.

MyPlate Pinwheel

Annie Apple and Cyril Celery show off their “Eat a Rainbow Pinwheel” at Healthy Kids Day!

Supplies (makes 1 pinwheel):

1 sheet white or colored 8.5″x11″ paper

Pencil with eraser

Straight pin

Ruler, pencil and scissors


Trace a 6″ square onto the paper.  Mark the center with a dot, and draw a 2.75″ line from each corner towards the center.   Cut out the square, and cut the corner lines, stopping where the lines end (i.e do NOT cut the corner flaps all the way to the center).  Use the pin to punch a small hole in every OTHER corner (about 0.75″ from each corner) and in the center.  Color each flap of the pinwheel to represent a food group on MyPlate.  I colored grains orange, protein purple, fruits and veggies red and green (I put fruits and veggies on the same section of the pinwheel and colored that area with two colors) and calcium-rich foods blue.  Draw favorite foods from each group in the appropriate section of the pinwheel.  Older students can write the recommendations  too.  On the back, about 2″ from the tip of one of the triangles, write “Get Your Plate in Shape.”  On the next triangle, write “Eat a Rainbow.”  On the triangle after that, write “of Healthy Foods,” and on the last triangle, write “Every Day!”  When finished, poke the pin through one of the corner holes.  Continue gathering the edges of the pinwheel together by inserting the pin in each hole and then through the center hole.  Carefully press the pin into the eraser, making sure the pin does not poke all the way through.  Straighten pinwheel and spin.

Note:  To save time, use a template to trace the pinwheel.  Both Oriental Trading Company and Paper Wishes have nice pinwheel templates available through their websites.


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