The Arrival of Super Tracker

It’s here!  To coincide with the introduction of My Plate, the United States Department of Agriculture launched Super Tracker last month, a website that replaces MyPyramid Tracker and allows users to track their diet and physical activity while comparing them to current recommendations.  Of course, I wanted to try the site before sharing it, so I’ve been playing with its features over the last few days and comparing it with MyPyramid Tracker, which will no longer be available after this spring.

The verdict?  I like the Super Tracker home screen’s dashboard-style feature, which allows users to switch between the physical activity log and food journal with ease; no more “hitting the back arrow” and having the page freeze to get from one journal to the other!  I also like the ability to make meal-by-meal comparisons between foods consumed and nutrient recommendations.

My dislikes?  The help section is not yet up and running, and although the site seems user-friendly, it’s nice to have a help option, if needed.  As with the old site, the food database has its limits, particularly for ethnic or special diet foods.  The new physical activity tracker is also limited in activity choices and, as far as I can tell, no longer estimates calories spent on physical activity.  While energy expenditure calculated this way is always a rough estimate, sometimes it’s still nice to have for reference.   Despite these limitations,  I think the site it provides useful information and is easy to work with at home or in a classroom setting.

Want to learn more?  Visit the Super Tracker website to get started, or check out my classroom website for a sample lesson activity using Super Tracker.

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