A brew that’s good for you!

Dreaming by the fire with a  cup of coffee or tea this holiday season may be good for your heart.  New research examining long-term coffee consumption among women participating in the Nurses Health Study (a large, prospective cohort study of American nurses whose health and dietary history has been followed for the past 30 years) found no increase in coronary heart disease risk with consumption of up to 6 or more cups per day of coffee and reported similar findings for decaffeinated coffee and tea.  In particular, consumption of 2 or more cups of coffee per day was associated with a 20% reduction in stroke risk, and these findings persisted even after accounting for possible confounders such as high blood pressure and smoking.  Not surprisingly, both coffee and tea contain antioxidants whose beneficial effects on endothelial function and inflammation may help prevent chronic disease.  And, equally important for good health, making time to brew a cuppa while curling up with a good book or chatting with a friend may help the frazzled destress and unwind.
Want to learn more?  Read about coffee consumption and the Nurses Health Study at
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