Twelve Days of Healthy Holidays: Day 8 – Treat Stocking Gift

Day 8 of The Fit Fridge’s Twelve Days of Healthy Holidays…Have you finished your holiday shopping?  Need some last minute gift ideas?  Skip the fruit cake and opt for healthy treats from your kitchen, like this adorable “ Treat Stocking.”  Filled with antioxidant-rich tea, dark chocolate and an adorable teddy bear, this thoughtful, inexpensive gift comes together with just a few minutes of effort.  Like what you see?  Let us know, and you’ll be entered into next Wednesday’s for a prize pack of gift tags and packaging to use with the healthy holiday recipes I’ll share in the next few days!

Treat Stocking

Supplies: mini stocking (about 5 ½” long), mini teddy bear (about 3” tall), tea bag, 2 dark chocolate Hershey’s Kisses, 1 mini candy cane (optional), white cardstock

Directions: Place chocolates in the stocking’s toe, and side the tea bag and candy cane into the stocking.  Arrange the bear inside so that its head peeks over the top of the bag.  Cut cardstock into a tag small enough to fit in side the stocking, or download and print tags here.  On the inside or back of the tag, write “Warm wishes for a bright and beautiful Christmas season.”


Sunshine Discount Crafts

7″ Felt Christmas Stocking,  Item #: SE-DP-2457-77, Cost: $1.79 for 6 stockings

3″ Plush Bears Assorted Brown, Item #: MP-DP-1647-98, Cost $1.49 per bear

Natural Candy Store

Mini Organic Candy Canes, Item #: CSTS-20-8OZ, Cost: $5.99 for 1/2 lb

(free of corn and top 8 food allergens)

Search for allergy-friendly dark chocolate, as well.

Send a bear hug with this stocking. Add tea and a piece of dark chocolate for a heart healthy treat.

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