Twelve Days of Healthy Holidays: Day 7 – “Christmas Tree Cool Down” Stretch

Day 7 of The Fit Fridge’s Twelve Days of Healthy Holidays takes time for stretching with a “Christmas Tree Cool Down.” 

Christmas Tree Cool Down

Goal: To cool down, stretch and transition following active games.

Grades: PreK-6th

Description: Teacher or leader pretends to be Frosty, a gingerbread person (“Ginger Girl” or “Ginger Boy”) or another holiday character decorating a Christmas tree.  Play as a Simon Says game but use “Frosty Says,” “Ginger Girl Says,” etc.  To keep students holding the stretch, use “Frosty doesn’t say” actions (e.g. “Touch your nose!”).  Here are some examples to get you started.

Bend to the side like a strand of tinsel.

Put on twinkling lights:  stretch arms overhead slowly and bring them down.   Wiggle fingers for the twinkling effect.

Make a star:  stand with feet apart and arms outstretched.

Pop some popcorn: sit on the floor, hug knees to chest and let go.

String the popcorn onto the tree:  rotate torso gently side to side as if wrapping a garland around.

Put some presents below:  straighten both legs and reach for toes.

Put the star on top and keep it there:  place an imaginary star on your head, sit up straight and practice good posture to keep the star in place.

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