Twelve Days of Healthy Holidays: Day 5 – “Holiday ABCs Scavenger Hunt”

Day 5 of The Fit Fridge’s Twelve Days of Healthy Holidays is a “holiday scavenger hunt.” Like what you see?  Let us know, and you’ll be entered into next Wednesday’s for a prize pack of gift tags and packaging to use with the healthy holiday activities I share over the next few days!

Holiday ABCs Scavenger Hunt

Goal: To practice running, locomotor skills and problem-solving.

Grades: 3rd-6th

Supplies: small holiday objects or index cards with pictures of these (2 sets of items or pictures for letters A-Z),  2 gift bags

Description: Fill each gift bag with one set of objects or pictures.  For example, a candle or picture of one could represent “C,” a bell or picture of one could represent “B,” etc.  Provide clues for more difficult objects by writing the name below the picture but leaving some letters blank.  For example, for the letter “E,” a picture of evergreen boughs with the hint “_v_rgr_ _n” could be given.  Divide students into two teams, one for each gift bag.  Play as a relay so that each student runs to the bag, picks a card or object and brings it back to the team, who tries to put the pictures in order from A to Z.  The first team to finish correctly wins.  For an added challenge, have players try different winter animal movements to get to the gift bags (e.g. bear walk, bunny hop, mouse tiptoe, penguin waddle, reindeer trot, etc.).

Adaptation suggestions: Use simple, large pictures or objects, and decrease the space between the bag and starting line.  Assist in identifying and sorting the objects and pictures.

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