Twelve Days of Healthy Holidays: Day 4 – “Snowball Race” and “Freezer Toss” Games

Day 4 of The Fit Fridge’s Twelve Days of Healthy Holidays is a great time for snowball fun.  Join us for a “snowball race” and “freezer toss.” Don’t forget to post comments after you’ve tried the game, and one person who posts will be randomly selected next Wednesday to receive a prize pack of gift tags and packaging to use with the healthy holiday activities I share over the next few days!

Snowball Race and Freezer Toss

Goal: To improve ball-handling skills.

Grades: K-6th

Supplies: play balls that bounce well (1 for every 3-5 students), small white trash bags (1 per ball), white or clear tape, two pads of white scrap paper, 2 large picnic coolers

Description: To play “Snowball Race,” tightly wrap each ball with a trash bag and secure with tape to create giant snowballs.  Divide students into groups of 3-5, and have them stand in a circle with a few feet between each player.  Have them bounce-pass the ball around the circle 3 times.  The first team to finish wins.  For an added challenge, have students clap once before catching the ball after it is bounced.

To play “Freezer Toss,” divide into two teams, and have each stand in a line behind a cooler.  Give the first player a pad of paper.  At the signal, have the player tear out a sheet, crumple it into a “snowball,” toss it into the cooler, pass the pad to the next player and run to the back of the line.  The team with the most snowballs in the freezer at the end of 1 minute wins.

Adaptation suggestions: Decrease the size of the circle for “Snowball Race” or the distance between the students and the freezer for “Freezer Toss.” Use pre-crumpled sheets of paper.

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