Twelve Days of Healthy Holidays: Day 1 – “Stuff the Sack” Game

December festivities bring celebrations, sweet treats to give and receive and full schedules often with little time for exercise or preparing healthy meals.  This year, share the gift of  health with fun holiday games that promote physical activity and good-for-you treats that still look and taste worthy of a special occasion.  Here’s the first of 12 Days of Healthy Holiday Ideas for you and your family, friends and students to enjoy!  Even better, try one of these ideas and tell us in a post before Wednesday, December 14, 2011 to be entered into a drawing for a prize pack that will include gift tags, jar toppers, a paper treat box, ribbon and recipe cards to use as you pack and give the healthy holiday treats featured on this blog!

Stuff the Sack

Goal: To improve accuracy with throwing.

Grades: Preschool-6th

Supplies: Square bottom shopping bag reinforced with cardboard in the bottom or a cardboard box placed inside the bag so it stays open, 3 to 6 square, nylon beanbags

Description: Have students toss the “presents” (beanbags) into the sack to complete their holiday shopping.  For a fun variation, tape a picture of a stocking onto the bag (or use a bucket instead of a bag), and have students try to “stuff the stocking.”

Adaptation suggestions: Decrease the distance between the students and the bag.

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