Sweet News for Weight Loss!

Eliminating snacks to lose weight?  Maybe it’s time to think again.  A recent 18 week pilot study of 26 overweight and obese women on a reduced-calorie diet compared the effects of including a daily, 155 kcal snack of dark chocolate to an isocaloric snack of fruit-flavored licorice and a sugar-free beverage.  In both groups, participants significantly reduced body weight and estimated daily energy intake, and the authors speculated that the anticipated consumption of the snack may have helped participants avoid the cravings and overeating that commonly occur when following a reduced-calorie diet.

Looking for more ideas on smart snacking?  Try Fitness Finders “Pack a Snack” curriculum and rewards, with great ideas for teaching students about healthy snacking, and find recipes for treats under 100 calories, courtesy of Eating Well and WebMD.  Finally, check out the snacks section of The Fit Fridge for Fit Families.   Look for our new listing in  PTO Today’s Yellowpages, and share the link with a friend.

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